Restorative Candle Light Yoga – November 16th

Unwind and relax with Restorative Candle Light Yoga in our new Studio. This is a soothing blend of deep, slow moving stretches with supported restorative work.

This yoga class is designed to help you:
• Melt away tension
• Decrease feelings of stress and anxiety
• Increase a sense of calmness and peacefulness

Prepare the mind and body for a good night’s sleep — this class offers unique benefits that you wouldn’t normally get from any workout: It’s a chance to slow down, focus inward and gently stretch—without breaking a sweat. Your body craves a class that can balance out the tougher workouts!

Candlelight Yoga, a 75-minute pre-bedtime relaxation class will help teach the body and mind to slow down and let go for the day:

$25 investment
$35 with lavender pillow to take home

– 75 min restorative practice
– hand and neck massage
– essential oils to refresh the body

Pre-register by phone or in person.

13102 Highway 27

Space is limited so please reserve your spot soon!



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