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Resilience is knowing that you have the strength to overcome obstacles.

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NFY Palo Santo Candle

All natural 8 oz delicately hand poured artisan candle

Made in small batches blended with Palo Santo cones and hints of lavender and rose essential oil. Only the purest of ingredients are poured into each candle

Real, Genuine, Authentic Palo Santo is crisp, woody, minty, with a touch of citrus. Paired with lavender and Rose essential oil.
Its scent is clean, rich and long lingering.

Raise your positive vibrations with this Pure, Healthy Palo Santo Candle that is used to help heal the body, mind and soul. Used for generations for energy and home cleansing it is still the perfect tool to purify the air, create a serene and calm environment while leaving a wonderfully natural botanical scent.

Deepen your Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork and Spiritual rituals. Used to increase mindfulness, chakra healing, to boost energy, uplift your mood, increase focus and productivity. Our sense of smell is directly related to our memory, so this concentrated formula helps train your brain to stay calm and concentrated on your daily activities.
Gift Ready for all your wellness and Ayurveda occasions and ceremonies.

Specific uses for product Aromatherapy, overall wellness or a room freshener
Palo Santo
Energy Boost
Natural wooden wick
226 ml
8 oz

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