Move at your own pace





We understand how it feels to enter a yoga class as a new practitioner or a student just getting back to yoga after an extended period of time. Beginner Yoga teaches you the fundamentals of yoga by breaking down the poses to their basic form and applying these poses and breath techniques in a 60- minute flow.  Perfect for when you just feel like reconnecting to a fuss-free practice. Judgment-free zone.
All welcome. Reduced heat.


Recommended for students with at least 3 months of consistent practice.This class moves at a moderate pace. Intelligent sequence of poses designed to get the body moving in all directions. Offering new layers to challenge your practice, build strength, balance, and gain more flexibility. Come grow at your own pace.The teacher will assist as needed. Open to explore!


A vinyasa practice incorporating pranayama (breathing techniques), deep core work and spinal awareness. This practice will help you build strength, increase flexibility, focus and feeling centered.


Everyone has their own starting point and you move forward in your practice from there. Linking breath to flowing movements. Opening and closing meditation.  Open to all levels.


Organic Flow is a liberating, rhythmic, vinyasa flow class that will encompass mudra, pranayama, meditation, asana and a whole lot of fun. It’s set to music, and it is almost guaranteed to raise your vibration, open your heart and set your mind free. You will LOVE it. Open to all levels.


Are you looking to slow down the brain from mindlessly running on autopilot? Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and looking for ways to cope with stress and improve your relationships. Meditation can be transforming. This class will introduce a mix of simple mindfulness meditation approaches and ancient yoga practices to help you focus the mind, relax the body and nurture the soul. Bring your mat and an open heart and mind. Treat yourself to 45 minutes of peace.

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