20 HR Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Mindfulness Meditation North Flow Yoga

(New Modality coming 2020)

4 DAY Introduction to Mindfulness – Meditation Workshop (20 hours)

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to Mindfulness Meditation. We will explore the meaning, benefits, and even the science behind Mindfulness Meditation. We will learn how to recognize signs of stress and how to respond to it more effectively.  We will also learn how to skillfully work with our thoughts, emotions, fear, anger & pain using various types of Mindfulness – Meditation practices to help improve our wellbeing. We will use various tools such as compassion and forgiveness to help us improve ourselves and our relationships at work and at home.

Our Program Goal:

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (definition, benefits).
  2. Science of Mindfulness – Meditation (how does it work).
  3. Improve wellbeing by improving resilience in the face of challenges:
    • Recognize signs of stress and respond more effectively.
    • Develop discernment between activities that nurture or deplete internal resources.
    • Recognize the power of thoughts and finds ways of skillfully work with them.

Improve collaboration & relationships at work and home. Practice mindfulness meditations (various types and various durations)

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