Workshop 1- Reclaim your Power

How a toxic environment, GMOs, chemicals, electronics, fast food etc. affect your health and wellbeing. How to clear, strengthen and protect your energy.

1 1/2 hours

Workshop 2- Crystals

What are crystals? How do they work? Where can you use them and how they benefit and protect your  personal energy, your home and work environment. How to choose what’s right for you also how to clear and recharge your crystals.

1 1/2 hours

Workshop 3- 5th Dimension chakras

Learn about 5th dimension chakras, their colours, properties and the Archangels that govern them. How to engage, balance and clear your chakras. Learn the Soul Shift exercise that takes you out of ego and into your higher self.

1 1/2 hours

DATES -OCTOBER 16TH, 23RD AND 30TH ATTEND 1$40 2 $60 3 $80

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